Hope & Glory

The Newsletter of Re:Charge R&R
May 2020


It is now 7 weeks since we closed our sessions on 17th March under instruction from the Government regarding COVID-19 (coronavirus), so we would now like to give you an update on all that has been happening.We have furloughed two of our staff as they are unable to work during this time, but the rest of our staff have been very busy working from home, continuing to support our clients from both the family sessions and the Re-Focus Group. They have all been amazing, giving out daily support to our clients whilst trying to adjust to their own new routine of home schooling their children and trying to continue with their day to day family life.We are sure you will see from the data, comments and stories below how much of an impact Re:Charge is still having in the community during these unprecedented and challenging times for us all.Thank you for your continued support, it is much appreciated.Keep well and stay safe. Best wishes,The Re:Charge Team

Support for our families

Right from the start of lockdown we knew many of our clients would feel particularly anxious during this time, given the extra financial strains and pressure of home schooling, often multiple children, as well as trying to keep them entertained whilst exercising the strict social distancing and essential travel advice that is in place. We therefore immediately set up WhatsApp groups, made phone calls and generally reached out to our families using various forms of online communication, to offer support, advice where needed and to lend a supportive and listening ear. We have continued to support our families in this way ever since, and will do so, until we can offer our usual support when our sessions are able to open again.

We have seen an increase in the need for weekly food bags, so we have been continuing to work alongside the wonderful Maidenhead Foodshare, to make sure everyone has food on their table. Thank you Foodshare!

We have also been updating our Facebook page with daily craft ideas, and hints and tips for keeping children entertained during this time. We share relevant information and advice local to the Borough, and we’ve even held a couple of competitions: create an ‘Easter Bonnet’ and ‘Bake a Cake’ – these have been really successful. Many of our families have joined in, particularly with the cake competition(!) which has really helped to bring about some positivity and a change of focus. We’ve seen our families really get behind each other and encourage one another.

Support for our Re-Focus Adult Group

Those we support at our weekly Adult Re:Focus sessions, many in recovery from addictions, are feeling particularly vulnerable during this time. All support groups provided by other organisations are now closed which means the daily support that so many rely on is not available. Often our Re-Focus clients struggle with their mental health and face feelings of depression, anxiety and sadly even suicide – ongoing contact is vital for their wellbeing.

We have put in place several measures to ensure we can continue to give support and help to those who need it most. As with our family sessions, several WhatsApp groups have been set up for our Re-Focus clients and regular contact via Messenger for those who need continual confidential support and encouragement each day, to help them to try and avoid any relapses. We are also offering one-to-one daily support for those who need it too – this may come in the form of a positive and encouraging text message, or a supportive telephone call. Session staff of this group are also continuing to work with Foodshare by referring those in need, and again we have seen an increase in demand.

The following weekly ‘Zoom’ Meetings have also been set up:

  1. Emotions Anonymous on Mondays at 10am
  2. Re-Focus on Wednesdays at 8pm
  3. Mindful Arts on Fridays at 7:30pm

Some Statistics!

We are currently supporting approximately 30 families, and 45 adults through our Re-Focus group. This includes 2 new families and 13 new adults. We hope that these new clients will continue to engage with us and come along to our weekly sessions when we are able to open our doors again.

Through Facebook we create approximately 9 posts each week with an engagement (post clicks, reactions, comments and shares) of around 100 people every week.

Thank You’s

As ever, a heartfelt thank you to all our regular monthly givers who continue to support us so faithfully!

Since lockdown, we have received an emergency coronavirus grant from the Louis Baylis Trust, a generous grant from the Berkshire Community Foundation for the RBWM ‘3G’ Fund has been received, and the St Peter’s Mission Action Group have also given very generously to the work of Re:Charge.

A huge thank you must also go to one of our regular supporters and quizzers who donated £500.00 to cover any loss that we may have felt after our proposed quiz night had to be cancelled due to coronavirus. An unexpected gift of £50.00 has also been very kindly donated.

We are extremely grateful for each and every one of these financial contributions which will enable us to continue to support those who need it most in our community, especially during this challenging time.