Continuing support for our families and customers

Due to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic and resulting Government instructions,we closed the four Re:Charge R&R sessions on 16th March. Knowing how important, and crucial in some cases, our support and help is to our families and customers each week, we have put the following in place, to make sure we can continue to give support and helpto those who need it most:

  • Set up WhatsApp groups for each family session and the adult Re:Focus group
  • Enabled direct contact via messenger for those who need confidential support
  • Offering support via phone calls during the times our sessions would normally be open (Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday,10am –2pm)
  • Offering daily support for our customers who are in recovery from addictions –all other support groups provided by other organisations arecurrently closed
  • Continuing to work with Foodshare by referring those in need
  • Continuing to work alongside other agencies via email
  • Keeping parents involved by encouraging them to share their suggestions on keeping the children happy


  • Posting current information and guidelines regarding COVID-19 from reliable and reputable sources
  • Posting ideas/information on how to stay safe, healthy and continue to exercise
  • Posting a creative craft ideadaily that parents can do at home to keep their children occupied
  • Posting links to other relevant information/school homework/keeping children amused
  • Posting any advice or links that are applicable during this time


  • Keeping updated with general advice
  • Sharing links with useful information and advice
  • Sharing appropriate links with ideas on keeping children amused


  • All our staff are working from home and most have children of school age who they are helping to home educate. We are keeping in touch constantly to make sure they are able to cope with the change of circumstances with working from home and that they have all the support they need

We are keeping records of all those who are being supported during this unprecedented time so we have comprehensive statistics to refer to in the future.

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