Revive & Restore


Useful Information

Provides a comprehensive guide to activities for children, and their carers, around Maidenhead. You can access the information online or pick up a free copy at your library.
Citizens Advice
Provides free, confidential advice about legal and money problems.
Provides information about activities, competitions, useful articles and what's on in the local area. You can also pick up the printed version from your local library.
Family Friends
Provides short term support to families who are facing difficult times.
The Brett Foundation
Supports families moving into properties after they’ve been homeless. We aim to make life easier for people who’ve fallen on hard times.
Provides help for Maidenhead people who can't afford to buy food.
Grow Our Own
Provides support, advice and training to help you find work in the local area.
There are four Borough libraries in the Maidenhead area; Boyn Grove, Cookham, Cox Green and Maidenhead. You can borrow up to 24 items (books, talking books, magazines, DVDs), download up to 5 eBooks and Audiobooks, use online resources and library computers to access the Internet. Find out about events for adults and children. It’s free to join and you can borrow items from one library and return to another.
SA Legal
Puts you in touch with reputable and competent solicitors and barristers to help resolve your legal problems. Available 24/7 hours.