Revive & Restore


Drop-in sessions

We aim at reaching the community’s need, building relationships, and empowering individuals to have the self-belief to achieve the very best in their lives.

Children can expect messy play, creative activities, joining the library corner and story time.

We proudly stand by our decision to offer our support to families and siblings up to 10 years old throughout all school holidays except the Christmas break.

We want to support you through challenging and sensitive times whether that’s parenting; PPP accredited relationships; well-being.


Larchfield Community Centre, SL6 2TN
Tuesday, 4 hours - 10am to 2pm; bring your own lunch
Find us in Desborough Park; either walk across the park or drive via Desborough Crescent (from Norden Road) (Sat Nav SL6 4BB)
St Peter’s Church in Furze Platt, SL6 7QU
Wednesday, 4.5 hours - 10am to 2.30pm; in partnership with St Peter's Community Cafe where you can buy a light lunch.
Find us in St Peters Road, opposite BMW garage (Sat Nav SL6 7QU)
Quaker Meeting House, Maidenhead, SL6 1RL
Thursday, 5 hours - 10am to 3pm; bring your own lunch
Find us in West Street, behind Wilkinson, in town centre (Sat Nav SL6 1RL)